Gloria Gaddis

Earthscape Harmony

About the Artist

Harmony #1
Sacred Site
Sun Dagger
Earthscape Harmony
A Philosopher and A Statesman
Deviding Lines
Wilderness III
Wilderness Road I
A Place to Think
A Slice of Time #2
Back Drop
Blessings II
Blessings III
Blessings VI
Dream Figures
Figure in Time
Fragile Beauty
Fragmented Space VI
Gateways I
Infinite Dreams
New Times
Silent Sounds I
Silent Sounds III
The Giants Dance
Transparent Beauty
Undertones V
Universal Place
Unknown Landscape
Vibrant Times I
Washed Ashore
Wilderness Trail I
Transformations I
Figure & Mist
Hidden From Time
Timeless Place
Figure of Hope
Luminouse Space
Deep Connections
Windows of Discovery
Evolution I
Evolution II
Full Circle
Garden I
Undertones V
Garden II