"John Randall Nelson - 60, 30, 15 Mèlange "

Past Show: Jan 1-Feb 10 2016

60, 30, 15, Mèlange
60 years old, 30 artworks, 15 years advocacy, Mèlange, an assortment
“I turn 60 in May so it’s a good time to review my art vocation and remember some of the happenings that have occurred along the way.
30 past and recent works will be exhibited concurrently (15 at Gebert Contemporary in Scottsdale and 15 at Eye Lounge in Phoenix). The 30 pieces exhibited are, in part, a survey, a chronology, and a prospective of recent and past work.
One element that has sustained my studio practice is the continual support of Gebert Contemporary. 2016 marks 15 years of collaboration. That support has manifested in 15 solo exhibitions in 3 states: Arizona, New Mexico and California.
My inspiration as an artist began with my introduction to the “Chicago Imagist” paintings of Jim Nutt in the 70’s and carried through to the Funk Art and Mission School movements of the 80’s and 90’s, My current work is focused on community and the creation of “New-genre” public art.
This exhibit gives me an opportunity to reflect on forces both personal and societal that have shaped my past 60 years. I continue to work with reclaimed materials, I’m still painting (furiously), and continue my public art .”

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Flora Born

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Flora Born

by John Randall Nelson


mixed media on panel

23 X 17

Inventory ID: #759

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