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    About Linda Margaret Kilgore

    Linda Margaret Kilgore is an American artist from the Southwest. She works in a variety of media, including — and often mixing — steel sculpture, paint, collage, assemblage and installation. While primarily known for her sculpture and installation work, she has also experimented widely with abstract and conceptual practices. She often works in series.

    "I began seriously working with collage and as a painter in Rome, after university," Kilgore says. "My first pieces are in collections there."

    "A love of languages and poetry has continued to inform my practice. A piece will often start out with something of an outline or idea, and sometimes a drawing. Often I begin quite directly and the piece becomes realized as I focus on the physical elements. The work seems to unfold in series, as if a series of questions, each piece building on the last.

    ... Materials change according to the needs of the pieces and morph into other materials. I learn new ways of working. The work leads; I follow as it unfolds in dreams and inspirations from myriad and mysterious sources."

    Kilgore was raised in Sedona and on the Navajo and Hopi reservations of Northern Arizona.

    Her early influences include the work of the European surrealist artists Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning, former Sedona residents whose echoes remained in the mountain town. Kilgore also studied, lived, and developed her art in several European and North African countries, as well as Mexico and the Navajo and Hopi lands, and has drawn inspiration from these diverse physical and cultural landscapes.

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